Publications about Derek's work

Clark, Timothy - editor (1997). Advances in Organizational Behaviour:Essays in Honour of Derek S. Pugh. Aldershot: Ashgate, especially Chapter 1 and Part 1: The Aston Legacy.

Cooper, Cary L. - editor (2000). Who’s Who in the Management Sciences. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Entry for Derek Salman Pugh: 361-364.

Greenwood, Royston & Devine Kay (1997) Inside Aston: A conversation with Derek Pugh. Journal of Management Inquiry, 6 (3): 200-208.

Loveridge, Ray (2013). The Aston Studies: A journey towards a science of administration? In Morgen Witzel and Malcolm Warner (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Management Theorists. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 385-406.

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